Why You Really Hate The Idea Of Selling (And What You've Got Wrong About It)


Do you hate the idea of ‘selling’ in your online business? Is it actually preventing you from moving forward? 

In this video, I talk about why you hate the idea of ‘selling’ and what you have wrong about it (sorry, some tough love and myth-busting about to happen).

Here’s the deal. People will not beg to give you money. You must give them a valid reason to want to do so (aka sell it to them).

If you’re not ‘selling’ you’re not in business - you’re just doing a lot of busywork that’s going to lead you nowhere.

Watch the video and I’ll give you X# of specific tips and strategies for turning ‘selling’ into your favorite business activity ever.

Promise. And, there will be zero polyester, leisure suit, used-car salesman tactics to be found. 

Yes, I am talking to YOU, ladies - the ones who claim, “I will never sell!” I guarantee you’re going to be excited about selling your ‘thing’ by the time you’re done watching this video.

Watch now for my #X tips to turn you into an enthusiastic saleswoman.


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