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It was just a regular day at work until something incredible happened:  I got canned.

Yup, I was sacked – with 10,000 of my favorite colleagues.

I had a choice to make. I was 48. I could find another corporate job (maybe) or strike out on my own.

There was NO WAY I was going to ‘work for the man’ again so strike out on my own it was.

So, this is what happened: I became an entrepreneur.

I went from laid-off at 48 to successful, online business owner by 51 and you can, too. 

Keep reading. There's more to the story.

My First Entrepreneurial Journey Wasn't All Rainbows and Puppies.

I went back to my roots. I LOVED writing. So, I launched a local online magazine for my little town. I mean. How hard could it be?

Well, it was the most stressful, scary, confidence busting and challenging thing I had ever done. 

I thought my 30+ years of successful corporate experience would serve me well. Oh, was I wrong. These decades of experience did NOT set me up to be an entrepreneur. 

I got discouraged, but I was determined.

I started taking loads of online courses to learn about running an online business.

But then I realized these online courses weren't ideal.

I found lots of millennial teachers who had no idea where I was coming from.

Every class seemed to start at Lesson #7. There was a massive information gap. I was lost before I started. 

… I quickly realized

“Nobody was teaching me about online business the way I needed to be taught... as the digital immigrant that I am". 

Then, I figured it out.

I kept learning. I kept taking classes. I persisted.

I realized starting an online business wasn't as hard as the gurus made it out to be.

I began to realize that I had so much going for me as a first-time entrepreneur 'at my age'. 

I realized I was excited to get out of bed everyday so I could do MY thing... and make money... 

No more icky conference rooms or mind numbing meetings and no more expense monthly reports.

Then, it dawned on me. I had something amazing to share with other women 50+ because I knew, first hand:

Women 50+ CAN become successful first-time entreprenuers after 50 because women over 50 make THE BEST entrepreneurs.

Women over 50 already have so much of what they need to succeed.

The 'other stuff' like tech and social media are just skills to learn... like driving a car or baking a cake.

That it's totally possible to create an entirely new life full of choices, financial freedom and the chance to do something you love everyday.

And, it doesn't have to be scary, risky or overwhelming.

A Little About Me


Corporate refugee, laid off at 48,  turned two-time successful entrepreneur by 51.

100% dachshund lover and would do absolutely anything for my Trixie and Stella  - the little stinkers.

Love to kayak.

An incredibly mediocre but dedicated tennis player.

A needlepointer. 

A music lover.

Recent widow (this is super hard to even write).

Tryng my damndest to stand up on the stand-up paddle board.

Feeling so incredibly lucky and blessed that I get to work with women 50+ everyday. We totally rock.

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“At 50+ you've already got most of what you need to start a successful businesss
(passion, skills and experience). The other stuff is learnable. Let me teach you. ”

– Colleen Kochannek

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