How To Bring Customers Into Your World From Day 1 (and why you must)


No audience = no business. The End.

Are you avoiding building an engaged audience until you ‘have your online business ducks in a row’? 

Please DON’T shy away from this process even if you’re brand, spanking new, and still ‘figuring out your business’. 

You just need your idea.

In this video, I’ll show you WHY avoiding audience building is a sure disaster in the making and HOW You can easily start building an audience before you have all the business stuff in place.

If you’re a woman over 50 launching her first online business you sure as heck want to give your business the best shot at success. Having nobody to sell to is NOT the way to do this.

I get it. It’s a scary step, but it’s totally doable and I’ll show exactly how to get started in this video.  


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