Behind The Scenes: How I Am Running my Business in 2021


Are you overcomplicating (overthinking) the idea of what it really takes to run an online business? 

In this FB Live, I am taking you behind the scenes of my business in 2021 and I am sharing the THREE things that are imperative to my success (and yours, btw). 

  1. What I am doing in 2021 to scale my business (and why I changed things drastically)
  2. What my days, weeks, and months look like (aka what it really takes to be successful.
  3. How I am making decisions, especially the hard ones.

I remember being ‘new’ to the online business space, overwhelmed by EVERYTHING.

The shiny squirrels were everywhere. So was my focus… and this completely destroyed my ability to get anything done. I found myself 6 months in still ‘playing online business owner’ in my brainstorming notebooks.

Watch this FB Live to understand why starting an online business does not have to be hard, but also understand the reality of what WILL make you successful.


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